Case Restoration


I have restored many original Colt contract cases over the years and am familiar with the materials, styles and details required to restore interiors or repair damaged exterior parts of these highly collectable accessories.  Please view the pictures of an original Colt Root case that was missing all the partitions and had an end piece of the lid poorly repaired with the mahogany veneered piece of pine sitting next to it.  I fabricated the new solid African mahogany part, matched the stain and finish, installed it and then antiqued the part to look old and match the original lid.  I also matched the original remaining lid liner cloth with horsehair padding already there in good shape and made and installed the correct partitions for the gun and accessories just like the original.   This case was worth $200 when I recieved it and when it left my shop it had a value of $1500.  Please contact me for price estimates on restorations.