Flame Birch Humidor
Serial Number  0010

This humidor is serial # 0010.  It was constructed from Timeless Timbers Flame Birch that was pulled from the bottom of Lake Superior .   This is a once in a lifetime chance to own one of these humidors.  Once this wood is gone, it is gone forever, it can not be reproduced. The humidors made with Timeless Timbers wood are extremely limited in production.  My goal in creating these humidors was to spare no expense and build the absolute best humidor I possibly could.  I even sent the Brusso solid brass quadrant hinges out to be gold plated to match the credo unit.  I only have three Flame Birch that I can offer for sale.  The grain pattern on this Flame Birch #0010 is truly magnificent.  You can clearly see how the sequential cutting allows the spectacular figure in the wood to flow completely around the humidor.

Interior dimensions are 11 1/8 x 7 5/8 x 3 1/8
Exterior dimensions are 13 1/8 x 9 5/8 x 5 1/8

Supplied with Gold Credo Precision 70 humidifier and brass meter
Price is $2500.
Yes it is expensive,  but it is like no other humidor on the planet.
This is a once in a lifetime humidor.  

This humidor is designed to hold approximately 40-50 cigars.

AQ humidor serial 10 002.jpg (172296 bytes)    AQ humidor serial 10 003.jpg (183435 bytes)    AQ humidor serial 10 001.jpg (178516 bytes)