Humidors Made of Timeless Timbers Wood

These limited production humidors are crafted from virgin timber that has not seen the light of day since the Lumberjacks felled the tree and attempted to float it to the mills over 100 years ago. Most of the timber made it to the mill, however a percentage of it became waterlogged and sank to the bottom, where with the right conditions it has remained perfectly preserved. With only a few stands of virgin timber remaining in the entire country this incredible wood is a very rare and limited resource.  These hardwood trees grew under the canopy of tall pine trees which filtered the sunlight. The growing season up north is short and the soil is rocky. The result is “slow growth” trees which can have as many as 50-70 yearly growth rings per inch, with 25-40 being fairly commonplace. This compares to ring counts in contemporary trees of 6-15 rings per inch. The tight ring count results in a very fine grain which helps produce a greater depth of color and intensity of figure. The history and richness of this amazing wood, coupled with incredible craftsmanship distinguishes these humidors from all others.  The photo here on the web site is of the actual humidor we have for sale.  Every humidor has a serial number on it.

AQ_humidor_serial_2_007.jpg (681124 bytes)            AQ humidor serial 10 002.jpg (172296 bytes)            IMG_5990.JPG (311238 bytes)
Beechwood             Flame Birch #10       Flame Birch #5