Antique Case

This Colt Navy case is an exact copy of an original Colt contract case that has been aged to perfection. I have added fly specs, light dents and one scratch. I have corroded the latch and hinges. I have oxidized the historically accurate raw pine bottom to look old and stained the interior in the appropriate places with gun oils. The proper dents are in the cloth for flask, mold and 1851 Navy. The cloth has been dyed from an original Colt color to an exact match of the color the baise fabric would be today after 150 years. The carpenters scribe marks have been added just like the originals. The Colt instruction label is torn and faded but perfectly legible (Label available at your request). An expert would be very hard pressed to call this a fake, its that good and very nice looking since none of the distressing is extreme. This case has charm and looks like it came from Grandpa's attic. All materials used in the interior are neutral to protect your gun and it even comes with an antique iron key.


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Hinge Worn Interior Worn Label Worn Interior Worn Interior

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