This an example of a reproduction of an 1849 Colt gun case.
It is built with the same materials and in the same style
of the original Colt contract boxes of the 1850's and 60's.
It is a mahogany box with hinge and lock inletting in the
manner used in the originals. The lining has been color matched
with the original cloth used by Colt. The label is a reproduction
of the original instructions included with each black powder 
revolver that Colt produced. It is partitioned for powder flask,
bullet mold, cap box, paper cartridges and the gun in the same
manner as the original. Cases are available for 1849 pocket, 1851
Navy, and 1860 Army along with a non partitioned case for 1873 
single action Army in 7 1/2 inch barrel length.