This gun case is a reproduction of a Colt Dragoon case that was
manufactured by Colt contract suppliers in the 1840's and 50's.
The dimensions of the case, the mahogany wood, and the oil finish,
are all copied from original cases I have researched over the past
3 years. I have also duplicated the lock, hinges and lock plate,
and even the style of inletting (I left out the scribe marks at the
hinges, but can add them if you desire an exact copy). The color of
the cloth is also a match of the original color used by Colt in 42%
of the cases manufactured. You will also see the reproduction of
the instruction label that Colt placed on the lids of its cases.
The overall construction of the case is better than the originals,
with a pine veneered plywood bottom instead of the cheap pine scrap
used in the 1850's that was glued with gaps up to 1/8th of an inch.
Most of the guns shipped in the 1850's went to the military without
the nice cases, and they were kept in double saddle holsters.  Only
the civilian shipments got the cases and they were an option at 
extra cost.  Dragoon cases are a lot rarer than the Navy and Army cases.